____All Indian Guest Must Carry Valid Photo ID Proof ( Voter Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving License ) During Travels and Foreigners Guest have to Carry their Original Passport & Visa as an essential. Also Must Carry Final Dose Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Sundarban Wildlife Photography Tours

Sundarban Wildlife Photography Tours

The name of the place Sundarban accurately brings out its meaning which in the Bengali language means ‘beautiful forest’.
The Sundarbans is a vast forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal and considered one of the natural wonders of the world. In the heart of West Bengal, we have found a very alluring place.
Now, coming to the finest plan that you can ever imagine. Sundarban is the leading place when it comes to best Tiger Safari in India, and now there are certain photographers who want to bloom and indulge in some Adventure Photo Safari.
We’re arranging a first-ratead Tiger tours India for all you people. Sundarban wildlife Photography tour mainly designed for Wildlife Photographer, Bird Watcher & Nature Lover.
What is the Difference between normal Sundarban packages   and Sundarban wildlife + photography tours India?

Sundarban Wildlife Photo Safaris highlights & updates ~

  • 1) 5/ 3 days boat cruise from sunrise till sunset. No haults. We will cruise through all the possible creeks more more chances of sighting.
  • 2) Our Wildlife Photography Holidays trip includes best Sundarban tiger safari guide, more than 10years experienced Tour Mentor/ Manager with best crew members who are abide of tide, habitats & wildlife nature of Sundarban National Park.
  • 3) Specially designed 6 cylinder boat for Tiger Safari India with silencer for minimum noise & pollution.
  • 4) This Sundarban Wildlife Photography in India Tour is designed by a team of photographer + naturalist + Sundarban guide.

Why Sundarban Wild Photography with us?

Exclusive Sundarban Wildlife Photography tours on "M.B United-21" - Special Design boat for Tiger Safari India photography tours.
5 Days extensive cruise through the narrow creeks with primary focus on wildlife. No tower visits, to use the maximum time for animal tracking.
As per our Customer review Sundarban Wildlife Photography Holidays is now one of the best designed Wildlife Photography tours in India.

What is Noteworthy about your tour Mentor/ Guide?

Mr. Surajit Mandal  is a notable Tour Mentor and also an eminent Wildlife Photographer, has totally absorbed himself with Sundarban. He has an ample experience and has made over 400 entourages to Sundarban. 

What is so Exceptional about our Wildlife Expeditions Safari Boat ?

Before commencing with the planning of our Sundarban Wildlife Photography in India tour let’s know in bits and pieces the place where we’ll stay. ‘M.B United-21’ our very own cruise which is solely constructed by competent and skilful workers for photography purposes, Its completely camouflage which is main thing for Tiger Safari India. Their features are marked by absolute vibration-less and the most hushed engine ever.

It also has kept an enormous concentration on keeping safe the photography equipment which is really costly. There will be no question of water seepage like other typical motor-boats, and another added privilege to be here is to watch the boat’s reversible movements to turn whenever needed and to make a pause too whenever there’s an eye-catchy animal or bird. Wait, there’s more to this cruise’s asset, it has Genset and back-up battery too which is a life-saver for the cameras, laptops and other equipment.

Essential For the best tiger reserve in India.

  • Telephoto lenses preferably above 400mm.
  • Wide-angle lenses for landscapes and habit shots.
  • Extra Camera batteries and memory cards.
  • Binoculars if possible.
  • Mosquito repellants (If you wish to).
  • Sunscreen lotions.
  • Forest - friendly clothing.

Sundarban Wildlife Tours ( 4Nights 5Days ) 

Tour Cost - 

  • 15,000/- per head (8person),
  • 17,000/- per head (7person),
  • 19,000/- per head (6 person),
  • 20,500/- per head (5person),
  • 23,000/- per head (4person),
  • 27,000/- per head (3 person),
  • 35,000/- per head (2 person)

Tour Plan

Sundarban Wildlife Photography Tours

 Day 1:  Our Wildlife Tours journey will commence from the Esplanade from where we’ll be taken to Godkhali ferry ghat by car. We from beforehand make the arrangements for taking permission from the Sajnekhali forest department and book our boats which further waits in the Pakhirlaya jetty ghat. To avoid the constant hustle and bustle which takes place if we avail the Godkhali to Sajnekhali boat, we’ll take you people from Godkhali to Gosaba by a local ferry and thence from Gosaba to the Pakhiralaya ferry ghat by auto or van. Our safari boats will be waiting along with the super-talented government forest guide so that not a bit of extra minutes are wasted on anything.
This Sundarban photography tours india will be very breath-taking when we would notice the pugmarks and the mud marks engraved by the Tigers. We will seek information about the last place where the tigers were seen by making a fast yet concentrated tour in the forest. We will make an inspection as to exactly where we must look-up for our mighty tigers this way the next day we will be perfectly absorbed in our photography sessions.

 Day 2:  These wildlife Tours of Wildlife Photography in India day will commence with sunrise and will continue till the sunset. The forest is best witnessed during sunrise and so we’ll head towards the cruise which will take half an hour to present us at the forest entry gate. An essential tip: because this is the first day of our official wildlife photography in India so we need to get a vibe of what the situations would be like when we’ll be indulged in our Indian tiger photography.
Not just the tiger and the tiger safari in India, but also the other animals in these wildlife tours like the Chital and the snakes are also full of calibre, so worth clicking them. Clicking in Sundarban will mean taking pictures from one of the best places for wildlifephotography in India. It’s a place where we get to acquaint ourselves with the almighty Bengal tiger, this is the place where tigers can be best observed and we’ll provide you with the opportunity to take photographs from the very front. It’s not any tour of wildlife photography in India but it’s specially organised to promote our budding and also ambitious photographers so that they can grasp the very foundation of Wildlife Photography Tours India which is present solely in Sundarban.

 Day 3:  This wild photography tour of ours will take a more enthusiastic turn, for now,we’re absolutely accustomed to the forest’s behaviour and its whereabouts too. We now know when the Tigers can arrive and when not, when the deer will appear and when not. This wild photography will be pursued in a fantastic manner, for now, the clicks will be perfect and you don’t have to wait for the animals to arrive. P.S: this trip is chiefly arranged by a team of photographers, naturalist, Sundarban guide, local fisherman and honey collector. It is these people who will guide you, photographers, to not miss a single glance of the tiger because when it comes to Sundarban it’s really a resilient matter because they don’t come across our eyes easily and when you click them – it’s indeed a very honourable moment.

 Day 4:  you are lucky because today is the day of the wildlife photography tours where you can take the snaps of those birds which flew away or those animals which were hidden behind the bush and the moment you went to click them they simply ran away. These wildlife photography tours which is especially termed as the tiger photography tour, the forest will gift you with estuarine crocodiles and Indian python, which are few of those rarest venomous species. Also, how to forget those 260 species of birds which have given us immense joy to our eyes. Today we’ll get to learn how Sundarban is not just a picnic spot for people out there, it is a place of biodiversity. It is here that people fall in love with nature and keep the memories of nature in their cameras. Photographers are the actual people who advance throughout the world that Sundarban is one of those places for wild photography that has never deprived people. The Chital and Bhrahmini deer and more are needed to be captured and presented to the world.

 Day 5    The last two days of our travel and wildlife photography in india , the last two days of our great photography tours in India and we’re going to relish clicking pictures of those thrilling animals and birds which we cannot find anywhere else. Such diversity needs to be kept as memories and visited down the memory lane again and again. What is so golden about these two days are, we now know precisely about every steps and movement of the forest animals and even the leaves of the trees. We can now put all our efforts that we have gathered for this travel and wildlife photography tours and finish our storage in our cameras blissfully. Our quest for these photography tours in India will initiate when the sun wakes up and it will end when the sun goes to sleep. We have learned by now that it takes a good amount of patience to watch the tiger appear in front of our eyes, and when we click their pictures it is really worth it. photographers from all over the world are invited to this tour to inculcate in them the very essence of Sundarban, the amateur who’re learning photography skills are especially called for this tour because our guide will teach them all about it and their guidance as to when and what to do is much needed. Sad to announce that this will be the last day of our amazing Wildlife Photography Holidays and our cameras are also finished with their charge. But there’s something exciting in the last day of our wildlife holidays, and that is, the cruise will be starting during sundown and head towards Gadkhali. We’ll again be able to indulge into that soothing rural Bengal and pristine nature. From there our destination towards Kolkata will commence by road. We’ll have a happy ending to our Sundarban Wildlife Photography in India tour.

Package Including

Sundarban Wildlife Photography Tours Include:
  • Kolkata to Kolkata by Car Transfer.
  • Godkhali to Godkhali by Boat
  • 3 Nights Boat Stay.
  • All Permission, Guide Charges, Entry fees
  • Night stay at Boat.
  • All Meals.
  • Mineral Water.

Package Excludes

Sundarban Wildlife Photography Tours Package Excludes:
  • Any Hard or Aerated Drinks.
  • Video Camera Charges.
  • Any Miscellaneous Expenses Incurred by the Guests.
  • Coolie Charge.

Thing To Carry

  • Specific Medicine If You Need For Cough, Cold, Stomach Upset Etc.
  • Must Carry Valid Photo Id Proof During Travels (Pan Card Now Allow).
  • Foreigners have to carry their original passport as an essential.
  • Camera / binoculars to view distance animal & landscape.
  • Light baggage that is easy to carry.
  • Carry sunglasses / hat cap/ sun tan lotions during your Sundarban trip.
  • Preferably Carry Cash As Possibility Of Accessing ATM Is Remote. Only SBI ATM is Available At Gosaba.

Child Policy

  • 01 to 04 years - free
  • Age group between - 04 to within 08 years – 50% charge.
  • Above 08 years – full charge

Important Note

  • Itinerary is subject to change/alterations as the visit to the various watch towers depend upon weather and tide conditions. However, all watchtowers and destinations as mentioned in the itinerary will definitely be covered.
  • The Food menu may be change without any prior notification.
  • Due to technical or other issues, we may be change the Vehicle or Boat without any prior notification.